BQ Update

Former University of Montana post Brian Qvale’s Aliaga team has an opportunity Monday to take some wind out of the sails of the league leader as the top-tier Turkish League moves into what is described as the 30th Round.

In his initial season of International competition, BQ is averaging about nine points an outing while corralling about five boards a game on a team that stands 14-15 but qualified for the post season.

They’ll face co-league leader Galatasaray which stands tied atop the circuit with Banvit TK at 24-5, while Anadolu stands just a game back.

Qvale’s team recently lost to Banvit 101-77.

BQ is playing about 20 minutes a game while shooting some 57 percent from the field.

Former Utah Valley sharpshooter Ryan Toolson paces Aliaga and is one of the Turkish league’s most prolific scorers (9th) averaging 17.2 a game while shooting 40 percent from three-point-range and 92 percent from the charity stripe.

Toolson also connects on 56 percent overall.

Qvale plans to return to Missoula after the season and his fiancée, Misty Atkinson, already has introduced the family dog, Turk of course, to the area where they have purchased a residence.


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